Girvan student Chelsea is top of the class

Chelsea Rodger, student of the year in creative arts at Ayrshire College.
Chelsea Rodger, student of the year in creative arts at Ayrshire College.

A Girvan student has won the award of Student of the Year in Creative Arts this year at Ayrshire College.

Chelsea Rodger graduated with an HND in Creative Arts from the college last week and says the course has given her the confidence to apply to university.

Chelsea said: “After leaving school, I worked in a café, but felt my life needed direction.

“Art was my strongest subject. I achieved Higher Art, so I knew it was something I was good at.

“I came to the Ayr Campus, and enrolled on the Portfolio Preparation course.

“It was great getting back into a routine. Coming to College gave my life structure and my self-esteem a boost.

“Since starting College, I have become a much better communicator. I can talk to people and this has given me the confidence to apply to university.

“Painting is my speciality, and I hope to develop this further at UWS where I will be studying Contemporary Art Practice.

“Winning this prize is really exciting and will look great on my CV.

“Everything I have achieved has been down to the college. It has been the best experience I have ever had, and I can thank it for the direction my life is now heading.”

Michael McHugh, Curriculum Manager said: “Chelsea came to college with ambitions of becoming a tattoo artist, but this quickly changed as she discovered her passion for all the creative subjects on the Portfolio programme.

“From the start Chelsea has embraced every new challenge, taking each in its stride. On her three year journey with us, she has blossomed, matured and progressed at an accelerated rate.

“Her tutors know that she will always meet a deadline, and will always produce more and better work than is required of her.

“She is driven and focused and as such is an inspiration to her peers.

“There is always interest in Chelsea’s work and she sold several pieces at the HND Art Exhibition in May.

“There are few students who, having completed an HND course, can be called ‘artists’ and Chelsea, despite being so young, is one of them.

“Not only is she extremely talented, she is also very self-directed. She takes everything in her stride, keeps her cool and is a good mix of a pragmatic and spontaneous artist.

“Her tutors are all very proud of Chelsea and her achievements.

“We will miss her as she is unique, the full package and we foresee a very bright future coming her way.”

The college graduation ceremony was held last week with the welcome by Willie Mackie, chairman of the board and the closing remarks by college principal Heather Dunk.