Girvan website has first year success

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Imagine you set up a website and within a year it had received over 50,000 visitors?

Well that’s exactly what’s happened with which was taken over by Ailsa Horizons in August 2012.

In total 52,039 people have visited the site since last year at the time of writing.

And the visitors to the site are not just coming from Girvan and the surrounding towns and villages.

David Bone, programme and marketing officer with Ailsa Horizons says that he has dealt with well over 100 enquiries in the last year from site visitors.

“In total I have dealt with 131 enquires in the last year.

“I have had a wide range of enquiries, including a lady from Canada wanting some pictures of Ailsa Craig and the Harbour, enquiries for events, travel information, people requesting a link on the site and one woman who sent me a clipping from a paper from the 1950s about a “sea monster” that washed along Girvan beach.”

Statistics show that the United States provide the second highest number of visitors to the site behind the UK closely followed by France, Australia, Canada and Germany.

Ailsa Horizons are looking at ways to try and boost these numbers even further.

David said: “In the future it would be good if the site could be used by community groups as a “notice board” for placing minutes of their meetings on. I’m also trying to find a way of setting up a news and events archive so information can still be viewed even when its not active.”

For those who may have conceptions about the site, it offers a huge deal more than just a tourist information board though that is its main principle function.

David said: “In the past year we have promoted such events such as the Christmas Street Party, Ballantrae Farmers Market and the Ayrshire Alps Cycling Festival. We have also have tried to promote events by the 1st alliance credit union, Girvan Community Garden and the Carrick Rural Arts Group.

“Also, it is used to promote the Girvan Town Team and all their minutes since June 2012 to the present are on the website.”

And if you are looking for jobs in the Carrick area, then you might just come across what you are looking for on Girvan Online.

David commented: “We have advertised job positions on the site before including the Carrick Community Transport Project co-ordinator, a gas technician and the Grey Squirrel Control Coordinator. It has also been used to look for a volunteer driver on behalf of the Butterfly Trust.”