Give our towns the chance to realise their potential, says Tory Party

THE worrying news of not one, but two, more traffic accidents in Maybole further highlights the urgent need for a bypass.

The A77 is one of Scotland’s major trunk roads – dual carriage and motorway for much of its length – yet the truck convoys built for modern road arteries are funnelled into the narrow high street of the historic capital of Carrick, causing noise, pollution, damage to buildings and presenting a huge risk to the safety of the people of Maybole.

Not only that, it makes any plans to rejuvenate the town, such as renovating the impressive town-centre castle, a real struggle.

But why do we have this appalling situation? Why isn’t Maybole being allowed to realise its full potential?

The need for a by-pass has been recognised for more than 40 years.

There is even an agreed and costed route.

Yet, despite our being represented by a local Labour MSP and list SNP MSP, successive Labour and SNP administrations at Holyrood have not delivered.

As your Scottish Conservative MSP, who has lived in the constituency for more than ten years, with first-hand experience of the A77 and the daily volume of traffic through Maybole, I will make it my priority to secure a by-pass for Maybole.

It is not just our towns that are under threat, it’s our rivers, too.

The banks and braes of the Doon are known throughout the world, thanks to Robert Burns.

The river even gives its name to our constituency and whether you fish, kayak, walk, or enjoy our beaches, the Doon is a priceless local asset.

But the giant Spanish utility Iberdrola, which now owns Scottish Power, has been told that one of the other rivers it extracts water from is a mess, and that it must clean up its act.

Rather than use local water resources – which would cost it money – its response is to try to pinch water from the Doon, harming the habitat for fish, reducing the amenity for recreation and risking more pollution to our local beaches. This must not happen and, as your local MSP, I will fight it.

But as your local MSP I will also be part of the Scottish Conservative team.

It is a team that, over the last four years, has delivered practical, common sense results for Scotland.

It is a team which has delivered 1000 extra police, a council tax freeze, town centre regeneration, and more.

And, for the future, it is a team which is giving a commitment to keep those police officers on the beat, to keep council tax frozen for the next two years and to knock £200 off the tax bills of all pensioner households.

We all have two votes on May 5. One for our constituency MSP, and one for the regional list.

Neither Labour nor SNP have delivered for us.

But I think that people are seeing that there is another choice – the Scottish Conservatives – and I hope you will give us the chance to work for you.