Glowing report for Crosshill Primary

A village school is celebrating after an inspection report declared the school had ‘transformed learning’ for pupils.

Crosshill Primary School and Nursery class received the comments after a visit from HM Inspectors of Education.

The inspectors visited the school as part of a follow up inspection and they spent time talking to children and working closely with staff and the head teacher.

The wide ranging report praises the school in many ways highlighting the transformation in learning that has been undertaken at the school thanks to the guidance the school has taken from the Curriculum for Excellence.

Inspectors said the school’s approach to meeting the emotional and social wellbeing needs of children is outstanding whilst their close working relationship with parents, children and agencies has brought many benefits to the school.

The children are also thriving in the high quality outdoor learning environment and they are excited about learning and take part in conversations with staff about what they want to learn.

Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for the Council said: “I am delighted that Crosshill Primary and Nursery class received such a positive report. The achievements within the school are a direct result of the hard work by the head teacher and everyone else at the school, parents/carers and the wider community.

“It is crucial that all our young people have a positive, stimulating, inspiring and fun experience at school, so that they can learn and prosper. All children deserve the best educational start in life and the pupils at Crosshill are certainly having a great experience.

“I would like to congratulate everyone at the school on their achievement. As highlighted in the report “the school is working towards continuing to improve partnership with parents, raising its profile in the community and improving children’s achievements across learning”. The future is bright for Crosshill Primary and Nursery class.”

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