Good news for golfing future at Girvan club

Girvan Golf Club.
Girvan Golf Club.

Funding for the refurbishment of Girvan Golf Club has at long last been secured with hopes that the work can attract more visitors to the course.

It is hoped the £130,000 of work will secure the clubhouse for the next generation of golfers and attract more visitors to the popular course.

Girvan councillor Alec Clark said this week: “Work will start on March 10 and I am delighted as a local member to have been heavily involved with members and with Maggie and Stan Milligan who do such a tremendous job at the club.

“It has been hard work trying to get funding together and South Ayrshire Council to their credit have come up with the funding which is wonderful to see.

“This will mean that the clubhouse is secured for the next generation in Girvan.

“At one time the morale of golf club members was really low. There was concern and anxiety about the clubhouse. This money will be a great morale booster for everyone involved.”

It is understood the work will involved making the building wind and watertight as it has severe dampness problems.

Leaseholder Margaret Milligan said: “This is really good news for us and the members and visitors to the club.

“A lot of our income comes from visitors and if this facility wasn’t there there would be no visitors.

“The club needs visitors and visitors need the clubhouse.

“Alec Clark has done a lot of groundwork on this project.”