Good road and rail links vital

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South west Scotland needs good road and rail links

The team leading a study of the area’s transport network met with local politicians and feedback from the public online consultation is helping shape a number of options.

South of Scotland Conservative MSP Brian Whittle met with the team leading a detailed study of the area’s transport network, after pressure from local campaign groups convinced the Scottish Government to commission the South West Transport Study.

Mr Whittle said: “I’m pleased that progress is finally being made to tackle years of under-investment in the south west by successive Scottish Governments.

“A good road and rail network, alongside strong public transport links are vital for the region’s economy. Speaking to hauliers and other businesses who rely on roads like the A77, A76 and A75, it’s clear that the condition of these roads is holding Ayrshire and the wider south west back.

“During my meeting, I emphasised the importance of improving the transport network as a way of boosting the local economy.

“From improving access to the ferry terminals at Loch Ryan to making the south west more attractive to tourists, better roads, more frequent public transport and more safe cycle routes can all bring real benefits to the area.

“Other parts of Scotland have already seen billions of pounds invested in improvements to their transport networks. I will keep pushing the Scottish Government to commit to making those same kinds of significant improvements in the south west.”

Stranraer councillor William Scobie, however, “was less than impressed with the first draft of the transport survey” after attending the meeting and on the A77 Action Group Facebook page said there was “no reference to the comparable capital investment in other parts of Scotland”.