Grants acquire the Drambuie brand

William Grant and Sons factory at the Grangestone Industrial estate in Girvan.
William Grant and Sons factory at the Grangestone Industrial estate in Girvan.

William Grant and Sons have confirmed this week they have added the Drambuie brand to their collection.

Rumours that the company who have a factory on the Grangestone Industrial Estate in Girvan were set to takeove another famous brand first emerged in July.

The company confirmed the deal which was completed for an undisclosed sum on Monday morning.

William Grants chief executive Stella David said that the Drambiue Brand was a natural fit for the company.

She said: “We have a passion and a reputation for nurturing and building brands.

“Drambuie is a natural fit for our portfolio, it has a very rich history and a great story to tell and we are delighted to be in a position to start to re-engage with existing drinkers and to connect the brand with an entirely new generation of consumers.”

Drambuie’s recipe is set to date back to the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 18th century and is a blend of whisky, spices and heather honey.

The drink is believed to have been handed to Captain John MacKinnon by Bonnie Prince Charlie for helping him escape to the Isle of Skye, after defeat at the Battle of Culloden had ended his hopes of restoring the Stuarts to the throne of Great Britain.

The Drambuie Brand was put up for sale by the MacKinnon family earlier this year after more than a century of ownership.

A spokesperson for William Grant refused to confirm the amount the company had paid for Drambuie but reports earlier this year suggested it would be around £100m.

The news comes hot on the heels that William Grant and Sons have reported a turnover of £1.12bn for the 2013 financial year which was a 5.2% increase on the previous year.

Hendrick’s Gin was one of the products credited with the continued rise in turnover with operating profits also rising to £138m, up form £124.6m in the previous finanical year of 2012.

Stella David, William Grant & Sons’ chief executive, said: “Whilst 2013 saw some challenging global economic conditions, the company continued to perform well thanks to our consistent focus on brand building and investing for the long-term.”

William Grant & Sons released two new whiskies in 2013; The Girvan Patent Still single grain Scotch and The Kininvie single malt Scotch.