Grants get green light for waste digestion

William Grant and Sons has had its application for a major waste digestion at their Girvan distillery approved by South Ayrshire Council.

Their application was passed as a formality by the council’s regulatory panel on Thursday 1 May.

The world famous distillers who are celebrating 50 years at the Grangestone estate this year got approval to build a complex of 14 anaerobic digester tanks along with six tanks.

It is believed that the tanks will help Grant’s reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

And that point was made by Councillor Ian Douglas in support of the application.

He said: “Anaerobic digestion is an excellent way of using energy and it reduces the problems associated with pollution and gas.”

The plant is set to be situated in Ladywell field and distillery reisdues would be pumped to the new plant and then the gas produced in the anaerobic process would be transferred back into the distillery.

The tanks are set to be arranged in clusters with supporting equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers and each of them will be set at a different level.

Permission was also granted to Grant’s for access into the site, fencing, hardstanding, landscaping and the control building itself as part of the application.