Group fighting to save Culzean from turbines

A group fighting to save their area from a planned seven turbine windfarm are gaining support via an online petition. was launched before Christmas with the aim of delivering a petition to community councils and the Marquess of Ailsa, Lord David Kennedy who are supporting the plans and it has already gained 600 signatures.

Two campaigners spoke to the Gazette to outline their concerns for the turbines which would be 132m high.

Alastair McLeod and Moira Kennedy say the proposals are totally inappropriate.

Mr McLeod said: “We would like to stress that we are not against all wind farms but we are against this scheme at Knowside which is highly inappropriate.

“It might come across as not in my backyard but there are deep concerns about the effects these turbines would have on this beautiful area.”

The group claim that the communities are in fact not in support of the plans.

“The developers are working in tandem with a PR company, Holyrood PR, and they have made claims about the communities supporting these plans when nothing could be further from the truth.

“The public are also being misled by what images they are seeing from the developers giving no indication of the effects this would have on the landscape and indeed people’s health.

“We are seeing people signing this petition locally, nationally and internationally from those who love to visit Culzean to the golfers at Turnberry who don’t want their views spoiled and those with concerns about the Electric Brae. It’s all about explaining where Knoweside is and what these proposals will do and we expect further momentum when the planning application goes in.”

However Maybole community councillor Peter Mason has hit back at some of the groups claims.

“These groups don’t have the full story and the information they are giving out can be inaccurate.

“This is about more than just a windfarm. Maybole is the eighth worst place in the UK for deprivation and community councils hope that the money from this windfarm can be used to resurrect North Carrick and help people in fuel poverty.

“This isn’t about accepting windfarms, it is about putting money back into the local economy and it certainly isn’t a decision that was taken lightly.

“If the communities had voted against the proposals, then we would have said no thanks to the windfarm. I am listening to what the population has said and that is their view after they were asked.”

A source who asked not to be named added: “Why don’t the campaigners who are against wind farm ask their community councils to hand back the money they receive from them or tell them to hand it to charity?”