Group needs your help

calling all local groups, south Carrick needs you.

The newly-formed South Carrick Community Leisure group is appealing to local groups and organisations to help raise £4 million for a new leisure facility for the town.

After the last meeting of the Girvan Strategy Group at the end of April, a company limited by guarantee with charitable status was created to administer and push forward the new leisure centre in partnership with South Ayrshire Council.

A meeting, to be held tomorrow night in the Carrick Buildings, Girvan will be used to move things forward and to establish a board of directors for the new company.

Temporary secretary, Christine Robertson has urged the local community to pull together and support the company to give it the best chance at securing funding.

She said: “South Carrick needs the people who live in the area to decide what is best suited for the town, and therefore, we need as many local groups and organisations to participate. The more organisations involved in supporting the company the better chance it will have to secure the additional funding from major sources such as the Big Lottery and SportScotland.”

In December it was agreed at a meeting of South Ayrshire Council that funding would be put in place to help toward a new leisure facility in the Girvan after the town’s swimming pool was closed in January 2009.

After the pool closed a community group, led by local businesses, tried to raise money to re-open and refurbish the pool, but this did not receive backing from the local authority.

Mrs Robertson continued: “We need to raise £4 million and with your support we can do this. We only need you to become members of South Carrick Community Leisure, there will be no charge for becoming members.

“If you have commitment or skills and would like to become a member of the Board of Directors of the new company then this opportunity will also be open to you.

“However, I must point out that if there are too many candidates it may need to go to a vote.

“Please, please ensure your group is represented at the meeting. This is your chance to become involved. If you would like to support but are unable to attend please let me know and your interest will be noted.”

The group also stressed that no decision has been taken as to the design of the building, irrespective of announcements in the media and statements from South Ayrshire Council.

Mrs Robertson added: “All members of the community are cordially invited to join, whether as individuals or as representatives of a community group within the south Carrick area.”

The meeting takes place on Thursday, May 19 at 7pm in the Carrick Buildings.