Growing wild in Girvan

Local youngsters in Girvan have designed a wildlife-friendly wild flower patch in Girvan. The garden is being built by volunteers from our local community.

Our Grow Wild garden will inspire people to sow, grow and support UK native wild flowers, helping to connect people with nature and to create a space that will be used by the community for activities in the future.

Small sections are being developed and maintained by local community groups.

The young people in are proud of their design, based on a wheel theme, inspired by its location beside the new cycle track at Girvan Academy.

Through the garden it is hoped that new environmental projects will have the opportunity to develop. And more people are encouraged to explore the outdoors and to learn about their native countryside and plants. This garden will benefit people from young to old by giving them an opportunity to spend time outdoors and together as a family.

It will be a place where people can come to relax or watch people cycling whilst learning about nature.

Creating a space where wild flowers and native plant can be celebrated in an inspirational, colourful garden will encourage new wildlife into the areas and will provide new habitats for birds, insects, butterflies and bees.

Through the garden we will be able to educate people about how we are in danger of losing our native plants and wild flowers. The project will help educate people to give them the confidence to create new areas were native plants and wildlife can flourish.

Girvan’s Grow wild, Cycle wild project is looking for volunteers. If you or your community group would like to help us create our wildlife-friendly wild flower patch in Girvan contact Rachel or Julie at Adventure Centre for Education.