Gutter clearance works to begin in Girvan on Sunday

South Ayrshire Council are set to carry out roof clearing work starting this Sunday (1st June).

It is set to complement the current Girvan Shop Front Improvement Scheme that is underway and the council will undertake general clearance of the weeds and vegetation growing in the gutters and cornices within Girvan town centre.

Work is set to start at 7am on Sunday lasting till 4pm and will take approximately one week. Workmen will work from 6.30am-4pm from Monday-Friday.

The area to be covered by this project will be Bridge Street, Hamilton Street, Dalrymple Street and Knockcushan Street.

The Council’s roofers will work from a combination of cherry picker and ladders which will cause some minor disruption to the immediate area which is hoped won’t cause too much inconvenience.

South Ayrshire Council will identify at their discretion the properties to be included in the gutter clearance and will be responsible for their own workmanship.

In the event that South Ayrshire Council consider that the clearance of a gutter or the removal of vegetation might damage or compromise the integrity of the fabric of the building including the stonework, then these works will not take place; the Council will do their best to notify you of this position.

South Ayrshire Council will not be responsible for any further maintenance or repair to the areas treated.

If you do NOT want your property’s gutters cleared through this project contact Alison Blair by e-mail by Friday 30 May: or advise the roofers on the day.