Hand in hand we made this together

Some of the young artists with Merlin Currie at Invergarven school.
Some of the young artists with Merlin Currie at Invergarven school.

About 15 young people from Girvan Youth Trust’s Hand in Hand Peer Buddying Project participated in a graffiti art project to design a mural on the playground wall for the young people of Invergarven School.

The young people worked closely with local artisit Merlin Currie to come up with ideas for the design and then, over four sessions, were able to bring these ideas to life.

All of the young people involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were all delighted with the final result.

The Hand in Hand Project and its activities are part funded by the Ayrshire Leader Programme.

Jane Gordon, head teacher of Invergarven, said: “We would like to thank Girvan Youth Trust for involving our young people in the art project, designing a mural for our school playground.

“Before the project, the playground was dull and uninspiring. Merlin consulted our young people, with everyone contributing their ideas.

“The young people then spent several days drawing and painting the design on to the wall. It looks bright and colourful, and the young people have ownership over it, as all their ideas are incorporated.

“The mural represents their learning journeys throughout school life and beyond.

“Everyone involved showed great pride in the project. It has been a fantastic way of building confidence and self-esteem and has provided a wonderful opportunity to build on social skills and our relationships with the local community.”