Harbour call for lifeboat crew

Girvan All-Weather Lifeboat crew’s pagers were activated by Belfast Coastguard last Wednesday at 9.43pm.

On arrival at the station the volunteer crew were advised a small pleasure craft had lost power just around the pier end and with initial reports of a person in the water either trying to reach the powerless vessel or attempting to swim from the boat to shore. Silvia Burrell was immediately launched on service and made its way to the casualty vessel.

It was quickly assessed and determined there were no casualties in the water, the lifeboat was then brought alongside and the casualty boat secured to the lifeboat where it was brought into the safety of the harbour.

The lifeboat then assisted in manoeuvring the vessel to the slipway, where it was recovered onto a waiting trailer and removed from the water.

The lifeboat then returned to its berth and was made ready for service once again.