Hard work of volunteers rewarded

THE hard work and dedication of staff at Voluntary Action South Ayrshire has been honoured in spectacular fashion at the recent Scottish Awards for Business Excellence organised by Quality Scotland.

At a glittering event staged at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow, the project won the coveted Committed to Excellence award.

Staff and volunteers from the organisation, won the award for ‘maintaining a consistent high level of ‘best practice’ quality procedures within the scope of its existing business excellence strategy.

Marie Oliver from Voluntary Action South Ayrshire commented: “This award has been won thanks to the sterling effort shown by all staff and volunteers across South Ayrshire.

“They do so much great work in the community.

“They enrich the lives of other people in the community and much of what they do often goes unheralded.

“This ‘Committed to Excellence’ Award gives them recognition of just how important a role they play amongst the people they help.

“In the past year, we have seen not just some extraordinary work and outstanding achievement carried out by our volunteers, but a major shift in how the importance of the wider impact of what we do is appreciated by community groups across the county.”

Offering his congratulations, Dave Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Quality Scotland, who also presented the award said: “The Centre stands out as a prime example of how a commitment to sustaining business excellence can bring about transformational change to a voluntary organisation in relation to its staff development and best practice programmes.

“The staff and its many volunteers acknowledge that business excellence is a continual journey and can take great heart in what they have achieved with this ‘Committed to Excellence’ success.”

The organisation is part of Quality Scotland’s Voluntary Sector Network (VSN) - a network of members who strive towards organisational excellence and believe in sharing best practice.