New 24-hour unit for Ayr

Ayr Hospital.
Ayr Hospital.

Patients will be able to receive hospital levels of care and attention within a new unit opening this summer without ever having to be admitted.

The new CAU at Ayr is part of a £27.5 million programme of capital investment in Ayrshire’s two acute hospitals. The new unit will open in the summer of 2017 and follows the complete refurbishment of the Emergency Department (ED) at University Hospital Ayr last year.

The CAU will be a 24-hour unit with 29 single en-suite rooms; twelve ambulatory care bays; five rapid assessment bays; two outpatient rooms; and three initial assessment bays. Patients will be referred to the unit either direct from their GP or from A&E.

The CAU will have staff from nursing, medical, surgical, allied health professions and pharmacy who will provide rapid access to senior clinical decision making and appropriate treatment, with most patients only staying in the unit up to a maximum of 48 hours. Only patients who need further inpatient care will be admitted into hospital. Other patients will receive their treatment in the CAU and then return safely to their own homes as soon as possible.

Dr Phil Hodkinson, Associate Medical Director said: “We are excited that the building work on the new CAU will be complete over the next few months. The new environment will provide us with the opportunity to work in a completely different way which will greatly benefit our patients.”