Heartstarting training for Girvan group

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Recently South Carrick Club Diamonds, a voluntary run club which provides a range of exercise classes in Girvan, Dailly, Colmonell, and Barrhill held a special Information Day.

The purpose of the day was to provide the participants with the means to save a life through Heartstart training. Heartstart was set up in 1996 and to date 3.5 million people have attended a course.

Life threatening emergencies are common but many more people could be saved if simple life saving skills are carried out immediately by someone at the scene whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

The Club Diamonds group were shown the ropes by the local Heartstart trainers, Stuart Kilpatrick and Theresa McIntyre.

They showed how to deal with an unconscious person, the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, to recognise when cardiac arrest had occurred and how to administer Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), how to deal with a person who is choking and how to deal with a serious bleed. All of these skills can be immensely important in the case of an emergency.

Around 140,000 people in the United Kingdom every year suffer a heart attack.

Many may suffer a cardiac arrest where the heart stops beating and normal breathing stops. If CPR is administered immediately the patient’s chance of survival is doubled.

The enthusiastic group from South Carrick Club Diamonds held a great day and all agreed that it was a most useful skill to learn.

All are awaiting their certificates which they can proudly show to their friends and family.

Although most of the participants came from Girvan, some folks travelled from Pinwherrie, Colmonell, Ballantrae and Lendlefoot to join in.