Help drive standards up in Ayrshire

Scotland’s care and social work regulator, the Care Inspectorate, has called on people in South Ayrshire to help drive up standards in local care homes, children’s services, nurseries, and social work services in their area.

Reaffirming its commitment to improve standards and root out poor practice throughout the South Ayrshire region, the Care Inspectorate has highlighted complaints as a key way people who use services, their carers, staff and the wider public can let the regulator know about problems in their area.

Anyone with concerns or complaints about a service can raise these, anonymously if they prefer, via the Care Inspectorate website at or by contacting the National Enquiry Line on 0845 600 9527.

Formed in April 2011, Scotland’s national care regulator has adopted a new every-day name of the Care Inspectorate to make it easier for people to understand its work in Scotland.

Committed to the belief that people have a right to high quality care, the Care Inspectorate directly involves people who use services and their carers in inspections, seeking out their views and involving them in inspection teams. Findings are published and anyone can read the latest inspection report on services they or their loved ones use on the Care Inspectorate website,

Where complaints are made about a service, including those made anonymously, the Care Inspectorate has powers to investigate and, if necessary, take action to demand improvement to the quality of care.

This is part of a new intelligence-led approach that uses the very latest information about services to decide which services to inspect and how closely to scrutinise their work. Our intelligence about the standard of any care service can be enhanced by contributions come from the public, people who use services, their carers or from staff, who already have a duty under the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Code of Practice to raise any concerns they might have.

The Care Inspectorate works closely with the SSSC and staff to ensure the best possible quality of care is delivered and where shortcomings are found, works in partnership with each service to make improvements.

If a service fails to make sufficient improvements within a reasonable timeframe, the Care Inspectorate is committed to using legally enforceable orders to insist on changes and has the power to apply to the courts to close a service where necessary.

Speaking as he called on people in South Ayrshire to get involved by sharing any information or concerns they have, Care Inspectorate Chair Professor Frank Clark said: “Our job is to make sure people receive high quality care that reflects individuals’ needs and that their rights are protected. We support services to improve and we inform the public about what standards are being delivered by openly reporting what we find.

“Anyone can read our inspection reports on our website and find out exactly how their local services are performing.

In that way we can provide confidence that poor practice is being identified.”