Help feed hungry kittens

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The Scottish SPCA is appealing to Ayrshire animal lovers to help feed hungry kittens who have been rescued or born in the charity’s care.

In 2012 the Scottish SPCA’s Ayrshire and South West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Mainholm, Ayr, cared for 65 unwanted,

abandoned and neglected cats and kittens and this year is proving to be even more challenging.

Centre Manager Marion Hainey said: “We always have a lot of hungry mouths to feed here, but we have noticed an increase in the number of pregnant females coming into care, as well as litters of kittens being found outdoors on their own.

“Some of these kittens may have been born outside while others, sadly,

will have been abandoned. We currently have a very cheeky litter of kittens, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael, who were recently found at a caravan site when they were only four weeks old.

“Unfortunately mum was nowhere to be seen so they were brought into our care and we have been rearing them here since.

“When they are nine weeks old they’ll be ready to go to their new homes. People in Ayrshire have always been very generous and we regularly receive donations of dried and tinned cat and dog food, but unfortunately kitten food tends to be in short supply.

“We buy supplies in to ensure our kittens are fed the appropriate food for their age and stage of development, but we’re sure that local supporters would like to give a kitten a dinner or two themselves.”

Donations of kitten food can be handed in to the Ayr centre at Millview, No 4 Holding, Mainholm, Ayr, KA6 5HD.