Help for RBS customers

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RBS are being asked to ensure that customers affected by the closure of their local bank understand the alternative options available to them.

South of Scotland Conservative MSP Brian Whittle has been in touch with RBS management to see what can be done to ensure customers have all the help they need to deal with the changes.

Among the services the MSP is keen to highlight are mobile branches, local TechXperts who can offer help with digital skills, and community bankers. The bank has also introduced a new video banking service accessed on a mobile phone or tablet.

Arlene McCrorie, local CEO Ayrshire & Borders, Royal Bank of Scotland said: “We are committed to ensuring our customers are able to continue accessing quality banking services. There is a whole range of ways of banking with us from digital, to face-to-face options, including; mobile and online banking, telephone banking, video banking, community Bankers, our mobile bank branches, and services provided in the Post Office.”