Heritage garden officially opened

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Maybole new Community Heritage Garden is now officially open.

Senga Mason, Chairperson of Maybole Community Association, welcomed those who attended and pointed out that due to the late spell of cold weather the nursery would not release the plants for the garden.

“We hope to have the garden full of colour within the next two weeks,” she continued.

Mrs Mason introduced Mark Fletcher, Chairperson of Maybole Community Council, saying, “He is the person we have to thank for making this event possible.

“Mark has put in many hours of his own time managing the project and has done an amazing job and I would also like to thank everyone who helped in the garden in any way; they are too numerous to mention individually.”

Helen Moonie, South Ayrshire Provost, commented, “The new garden will form an important role as a community focus and it’s encouraging to see so many people are already getting involved and bringing it to life.

“I’m particularly pleased to see that a new home has been found for the popular scenic Co-op tiles, which will be now go back on permanent display.

“With the summer months now drawing ever closer I hope the new space blossoms as a vibrant new focal point for the people of Maybole.”

Mrs Mason said afterwards that she was delighted with the turnout, adding, “Young and old alike enjoyed their afternoon and the Duncan Tiles were viewed by many.”

She continued, “The garden will be open every day for local people to stop and enjoy and also tourists when they are passing through the town.

“The Association was successful with their funding bid on Saturday and Wi-Fi will be available in the garden in the near future. We were very privileged to have the Provost and the Marquess of Ailsa at the opening of the garden together with our MP and some local councillors.

“This event would not have been a success had it not been for the entertainment. Maybole Pipe Band did a great job playing prior to the opening and after the garden was opened.

“Although it was a cold afternoon many people stood out in the garden to listen to them.

“The Joint Primary School Choir from Cairn, Gardenrose and St Cuthbert’s Primary was outstanding and a true credit to their schools.

“Carrick Academy joined in the event too. A young member of Maybole Pipe Band played solo and a trio of young ladies from the Academy sang with real feeling.

“The Community Association is presently together putting a programme of entertainment together for people to enjoy during the summer.

“I asked a member of the public how he felt about the changes in the Town Hall Garden and he thought that the work done was truly inspiring, what a difference this work had made to the garden and in his opinion this is now a true outdoor community meeting place. Saturday was a true community event.”

Mark Fletcher said, “What we have is a space to be proud of that highlights some of our heritage and makes the hall more appealing to users and therefore the sustainability of it more viable. Have we finished? No, and bigger plans for the hall and the High Street are now being worked on.”