High drama unfolds at Girvan Harbour

There was tension in the air in Girvan on Friday afternoon as the lifeboat responded to an emergency call.

The boat was launched at 3.20pm to come to the aid of an elderly woman who had fallen injured whilst out at sea on her and her husband’s motor cruiser.

The boat was towed back into Girvan Harbour after conditions had become rough in the latter part of their journey.

Crowds flocked down from the town centre and beyond to try and see what was going on and to get a glimpse of the action.

As the drama unfolded the backdraft of the HMS Gannet rescue helicopter caused some damage to cars that were parked at the Harbour. A road sign was blown up into the air and caused scraping to at least two cars when it hurtled through the sky.

Hundreds of people were gathered at vantage points as the police arrived at around 4.15pm and medical teams and lifeboat crew treated the woman on board.

After about 30 minutes had passed and the woman appeared to still be on the boat, a decision was taken by the emergency services to transport her by rescue helicopter to Ayr Hospital as it was agreed that this would make her journey quicker and more comfortable.

She then received treatment for her injuries at the hospital which were believed to have been suffered to her head and hip when she fell on board the cruiser.

The woman was said to have suffered no broken bones and was kept in overnight simply for observation.