High standard at Ballantrae Flower Show

The winners of the Cups and Trophies at Ballantrae Flower Show
The winners of the Cups and Trophies at Ballantrae Flower Show

The Ballantrae Horticultural Society Flower show was opened by the village Gala Queen on Saturday, August 30.

The standard of all entries on the day was very high.

The Flower Show was very well attended and Teas and delicious home baking was served up by the RVS.

Well done to Linden Hunt, Jessie Brown and all members of Horticultural Society who have worked so hard on this event and also to all who entered,

The prize winners were as follows :-


D G Purdie Cup; Colin McNally

Muir Quaich; Colin McNally

Robert Wright Cup; Linden Hunt

Miss Margsret Thomson Cup; Linden Hunt

Mr & Mrs B McIlwraith Shield; Robert Hope

Billy Brackenridge Award; Jessie Brown

Mr J Graham Cup; Linden Hunt

Mr R Stirton Cup; Jessie Brown

Mrs McConnell Cup; Fiona Robertson

Mrs S McClung Rosebowl; Robert Hope

Mrs Kirk Memorial Cup; Jessiee Brown

Mrs M Hyslop Cup; M Cunningham

Mr W McKnight Cup; Linden Hunt

Mrs M Cowieson Cup; Rosemary Stevenson

Mrs J L D Young Cup; M Cunningham

Mrs W Stevenson Silver Plate; Jessie Brown

Mrs Derek Smith Trophy; Fiona Robertson

Mrs J Dunlop Trophy; M Cunningham

D W Nicol Rosebowl; Moira Cunningham

Allan Quaich; Jessie Brown


Mrs M Henderson Cup; Ethan Wild

Mrs D Stewart Cup; Jenna MacKinnon

Dr Jack Dunlop Cup; Ethan Wild

Mr & Mrs Roy Lopez; Ethan Wild

Mrs Stevenson Cup; Nicole Govan

Society Prize (Senior); Ethan Wild

Society Prize (Junior); Johnny McKechan

Mr & Mrs P Thackray (Senior); Ethan Wild (Junior); Johnny McKechan

Mr & Mrs Roy Lopes (Senior); Ethan Wild (Junior); Jenna MacKinnon

Miss McKissock Prize; Jenna MacKinnon