Highest rainfall in past nine years

THE total rainfall in parts of South Ayrshire last month was one of the highest for the past 15 years.

Ballantrae weatherman, George Watt, measured the total rainfall in May, 2.5 miles east of Ballantrae as 164.8mm (6.49 inches), where the annual average is 96.9mm (3.81 in). Of the last 15 years, only 2002 was wetter.

The first three days of the month and the last day were mainly dry but the rest of the month was unsettled.

The mean temerature worked out at 10.7C, only slightly below the 10 year average of 10.8C.

The highest temerature recorded in May was 19.9C on the 1st of the month while the lowest was 2.1C on the 31st.

The first local silage was cut on the 19th although it was a wekk later before more activity could start.

It appears many more swallows and house martins made the migration north this year. Last year one house had just one nest while this year there are seven.