Home is where the art is

What makes a house a home? New research from B&Q asked the nation to pinpoint that certain something.

When it comes to being satisfied with their “homely” home, those living in Yorkshire top the charts with 82 percent feeling right at home.

At the other end of the scale, homeowners in London feel the least homely with one-third of Londoners saying they do not feel “at home” in their house.

However, feeling at home doesn’t have to mean have a view of the Pennines or a huge garden: the survey of 2000 UK home-owners showed that small things matter when Brits first move into a new house.

It’s the personal touches that make a difference with hanging favourite artwork and paintings on the walls (38 percent) closely followed by putting family photographs out on display (37.5 percent). Almost one-third of those questioned also said they wanted to paint and wallpaper every room in the house to create their home.

And when it comes to the home it seems that size matters as the thing that most Brits think makes for a better home is a big garden (33 percent), closely followed by a dining table big enough to seat the whole family (32 percent).

In times gone by, the kitchen has been universally thought of as the heart of the home but this new research marks the change in British lifestyles.

The heart of today’s modern home is the living room for 55 percent, generally the place for the family to enjoy television, films and computer games.

The kitchen is knocked into second place, behind at 18 percent. However, the kitchen is still the top thing people would want to improve in their homes over anything else, proving that it is still an important place in the home.

The survey reveals that the traditional country home has been knocked off top spot with the nation adopting a more minimalistic and simplistic home style followed by contemporary and modern.