Homecoming visit to honour great uncle

Charles Tait at the war memorial in Maybole
Charles Tait at the war memorial in Maybole

A few weeks ago Bill McElroy was in touch tracing relatives in Maybole.

Bill’s grandfather was John Tait whose family lived for some years at 12 Gladstone Place, Maybole. John had worked at one of the town’s shoe factories and left Maybole in 1907 for Hamilton, Ontario.

John’s brother Charles also moved to Hamilton , joined the army and was sent to France where he was killed in action at Vimy Ridge in 1917. His name is on the Maybole War Memorial as a Maybole lad who fought for the Canadians.

Bill arrived in Maybole Armistice Day, November 11, and visited the town’s war memorial to pay tribute to his great uncle.

He told us: “We made it to the Memorial about 2pm. I taped a poppy, which I brought 5000 miles from Canada, next to my Great Uncle’s name Charles Tait. He was born in Maybole in 1892 and moved to Hamilton in 1911.

He joined the Canadian Army in 1915 and was killed at Vimy Ridge in 1917. His parents got their notice at 12 Gladstone Place, just off St. Cuthbert’s Street.”