Homeowners value memories most

Almost one-third of homeowners would rather save their treasured family photos from rising flood waters before money or expensive electrical equipment, research has found.

Swinton, the home insurance firm, surveyed 2000 British homeowners about their home security, and found that a surprising 61.5% valued memories, in the form of photos, above money when it came to saving their belongings.

Fifty per cent admitted they would salvage their rainy-day fund first, while 40.55% would rescue their beloved electricals, and 35.40% would carry their jewellery to safety.

The figures come with heavy rain being forecast across most parts of the UK and after the floods of recent times.

In addition to saving their photos, Swinton also found that when faced with flooding in their home, 50.80% of homeowners would call their insurer, compared with 16.95% who said they would not know who to call.

Around one in 10 of those surveyed also admitted they would call their dad in an emergency.

Following the floods, some tips to homeowners in flood-prone areas are:

• Lay sandbags along doorways to reduce the amount of water coming into the home.

• Move electrical equipment, valuables, photographs and any important paperwork or documents upstairs.

• Move soft furnishings like rugs upstairs and un hook long curtains and fold them over their railings to keep them dry.

• Pack an emergency kit with ID, medication and a change of clothes in case of evacuation.

• Keep a list of important contact numbers handy.