Housing Charter indicators published

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has published the final indicators it will use to monitor and assess landlords’ achievement of the standards and outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

This follows an extensive consultation with tenants and other people who use social landlords’ services,  landlords and other interested groups.

Kay Blair, chairwoman of the SHP, said: “The publication of the indicators marks an important step for us, social landlords, tenants and all groups with an interest in social housing in Scotland. Monitoring how well landlords are achieving the charter outcomes is a key part of our regulation of social housing in Scotland.

“The information we get from these indicators may also lead us to look further at a landlord’s performance. And, importantly, we will publish reports that will let tenants and others see meaningful information on their landlord.”

The indicators are published on the SHR website.

Alongside the document setting out the indicators, the SHR is also publishing detailed technical guidance for landlords and its response to the feedback it received to the charter consultation.