Indy Ref round up: Adam Ingram: Disappointed at result but also heartened

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Adam Ingram MSP has expressed his disappointment at the referendum result but says he was also heartened at the support for independence.

The SNP member for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley said: “Obviously I’m disappointed with the result but I am heartened with the level of support for independence.

“To reach 45% is no mean feat and I believe now that Westminster is on it’s final warning from the Scottish people.

“If you look at the demographic of the people polled in the exit polls, then just about all age groups voted Yes, apart from the older age groups so in one sense I think that it is only a matter of time before we become independent.”

Mr Ingram also expressed his delight at the high turnout across the country.

“There was an absolutely fantastic level of engagement and I think that people have become much more politically aware thanks to this referendum discussion.

“I think that people will continue to keep up the pressure and they are no longer going to be taken for fools by the Westminster elite.”

With Alex Salmond stepping down as First Minister on Friday, Mr Ingram confirmed his support for Nicola Sturgeon to take over as SNP leader and First Minister.

“Nicola absolutely deserves the opportunity to take on the role.

“She played a leading role in the referendum campaign and performed extremely well so I will support Nicola.”