Indy Ref Round up: Independent councillor Clark: Politicians must fulfil their promises

Independent councillor Alec Clark reacted to the referendum result by saying that it’s time for politicians to fulfil their promises.

He said: “This is a subject that has been debated and discussed for a two year time scale and there has been a great engagement in the democatic process.

“There is clearly an appetite amongst people for change and to get involved in politics.

“Now is the time to ensure that those promises that were made by the Better Together campaign in the last week of the campaign are delivered on time and as they were laid out by Gordon Brown in his speech.

“I believe that some people might have been swayed from undecided to No as a result of the guarantee of these powers being delivered so it is time for the politicians to fulfil their promises that they have vowed to deliver.”

The councillor added his delight at the large numbers who turned out to vote.

“This wasn’t like a normal vote as it was a referendum which was going to be a historic and life changing vote which could have changed the country and its landscape.

“The secret to achieving turnout like this in all elections is for politicians to engage properly and make it seem like that what you are voting for really will have a big change.”

Mr Clark finished by saying: “I think that this referendum has shown the metropolitan elite that Scotland is a country and one that found its voice throughout this campaign to show them about the concerns we have in Scotland.”