Indy Ref round up: Reaction from Carrick voters

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Voters in Carrick have given their reaction to the No vote in the independence campaign through many passionate responses on Facebook.

Voters on both sides expressed their opinion via the social media site after being encourage to so by The Carrick Gazette.

Julie Livingstone said: “I am so happy it was a no vote. We are definitely better together as a nation.”

Kay McBirnie: “We fought, we lost, we can hang our heads high....its just waiting on Westminster to not keep there pledge and for it all to come tumbling down...but we will keeping fighting the dream.”

Pete Lambert: “Result was a joke look how long it’s taken Westminster to go back on there promises can’t believe people in Scotland voted to be ruled by the Tories #45.”

Vivian Paul: “Is Scotland really ready for independence at this moment in time?No...but give it a few more years,then go for it.But please the Yessers don’t lead an’in your face’ campaign because there is nothing more off putting.

Craig Sommerville: “Least I can look my son in the eye and tell him we tried - we all did, to make a difference for the better, a new start, that we controlled as the people.of Scotland, It will be down to him and others of his age next time around. Good Luck....”

Roderick Leitch: “The media’s now asking our opinion after the referendum was stitched up by the same media? The result is not law for another six weeks anyway. A lot can happen in six weeks. Roll on the general election. It’s going to be an interesting year. Watch this space..”

Maria Rossi: “Labour are a disgrace & an affront to their origins! They got into bed with the Conservatives & lied to the Scottish electorate! A decision they will soon regret. This is not the end! This is only the beginning.”

Katie Kerrigan: “Gutted but we will fight on.”

Anthony Christie: “The result was rigged and I prefer Scotland in the Summer/Winter Olympics instead of them representing Great Britain.”

Jane Clanahan: “Gutted at the result,everyone can be scared but it’s like everything else give it a chance and you’ll see. And for the people who voted over football etc is shocking!!!”

Maureen Gorman: “The only country to vote against independance. No voters - hang your heads in shame, you’re a disgrace to your country.”

Patricia Ferguson: “Not the result I wanted. Gutted.”