Indy Ref round up: SNP’s Oattes: Life is too short to be bitter

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Girvan and South Carrick Councillor Alec Oattes expressed his disappointment at the No vote in Thursday’s independence referendum.

The SNP councillor said: “As someone who has worked and believed in Scottish Independence for over 50 years I am naturally disappointed by the outcome of the Independence Referendum.

“There are many aspects of the debate I could comment on, but first I would like to say I was heartened by the fact that this debate was conducted mostly in a peaceful and agreeable manner, I condemn the mindless few on both sides who damaged posters or defaced public signs in an attempt to emphasise their own cause.

“It would be easy to be bitter at the outcome of the Referendum, but life is to short to be bitter.

“During the lead up to the vote it was evident and notable, that the No Camp had every bit of the British Establishment working flat out to maintain the status quo, the scaremongering from the national press, which is controlled by Multi Billionaires who did not want to lose Scotland and its wealth of resources was palpable.

“I might add that in my opinion B.B.C. Scotland S.T.V. and Channel 4 were very fair and balanced, but the output from the London Based B.B.C. left much to be desired.

“I await with interest the outcome of the “solemn vow” made by David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg to improve and strengthen Devolution.

“I suspect many undecided voters swung to No on the strength of this declaration, time will tell whether their “Solemn Vow” will be delivered.

“ I was pleased to note the huge turnout of the electorate and the energy and vision put into the YES Campaign, by many who in the past have been turned off by Politics, these people are not going away and will continue to work and struggle for a fairer society in a democratic fashion.

“Can I finally thank all of those who helped the YES Campaign in Girvan and South Carrick in any way, for their input and support.”

“The number of YES Posters and Car Stickers was amazing. Now that we are all “Better Together” perhaps the pot holes on the roads will be repaired, child poverty, fuel poverty and food banks will all disappear, and the N.H.S. will be free from Privatisation.