Ingram welcomes cash to combat fuel poverty

South Ayrshire residents will have the chance to claim some of the £450,000 in funding allocated to the area in a home insulation scheme.

Over the next year, the £12.5 million Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UHIS) will be administered by local authorities to offer a range of free home insulation measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.

Mr Ingram said: “This is great news for local residents particularly with the onset of winter just round the corner. Through this scheme the SNP Government will inject millions of pounds to combat fuel poverty and with energy companies hiking their prices it is now more than ever, we need to offer support and immediate assistance to those most in need to help them heat their homes and stay energy efficient.

“South Ayrshire residents have already accessed a number of schemes put in place by the SNP Government to make their homes more energy efficient and help reduce their energy bills. Many more local homes could benefit from the very generous allocation of £450,000 for South Ayrshire Council for the Universal Home Insulation Scheme.

“It is frustrating to see energy companies continually undermining the Scottish Government’s attempts to lift people out of fuel poverty. It is a disgrace that so many people are suffering from fuel poverty in energy-rich Scotland, and the Scottish Parliament needs full powers so that we can do more to help those in most need.”