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In most religions, praying is an important part of worship, because it is a way for believers to communicate with God.

The worshippers are putting into words what they feel about their faith. Prayers can either be said privately by people anytime or publically when believers get together. Sometimes prayers have been set down and the same prayers are used again and again. Sometimes the worship leader will make up his or her own prayers either before the service or else during the course of worship.

For most Christians the most famous of all prayers is the Lord’s Prayer.

It is called that because Jesus told his followers that when they prayed they should use this prayer.

It used to be the case that, in most churches, when the worship leader asked the congregation to ‘say together the Lord’s prayer’, then everyone used exactly the same words.

However, in recent times, there have been new versions of the Lord’s Prayer where some of the more traditional words have been updated.

Some worship leaders prefer to continue to use ‘Thy’ in the prayer, while others substitute it with ‘Your.’

This means that, when a congregation is invited to all say together the Lord’s Prayer, not everyone says exactly the same words. Does this matter? Some will say that it just acknowledges the situation that, within the Church, there are differences of opinion about a variety of beliefs and practices.

Others might say that it might be better if all the churches could agree on what the wording of the Lord’s Prayer should be used in worship in the 21st century?

But, surely, the really important thing is that believers should try and ‘live’ the teachings contained within this unique Prayer.