Jim Sillars to bring ‘Margo Mobile’ to Maybole

Jim Sillars in the 'Margo Mobile'
Jim Sillars in the 'Margo Mobile'

Former MP for South Ayrshire, Jim Sillars, has launched the “Margo Mobile” in memory of late wife Margo MacDonald and is bringing it to Maybole.

The former SNP deputy leader is taking the van across Scotland to campaign for a Yes vote and will be arriving in Maybole around 11.30am on Tuesday September 2 to do some street work for a couple of hours. There will be a public meeting at 7pm in the Town Hall.

Jim played a key role in the 1979 referendum and took part in a debate in Maybole with Teddy Taylor MP which was chaired by Bill McCubbin, who was a local councillor at the time. He also spoke at a “hustings” meeting in the Town Hall in the campaign for the General Election later in 1979.

Rev W. Moffat chaired that meeting which had been arranged by Ayr Presbytery.

Jim Sillars had been elected at a by-election in March, 1970 as MP for the South Ayrshire constituency, succeeding Emrys Hughes. In 1976 he led a breakaway Scottish Labour Party (SLP). George Foulkes took the seat in 1979.

Following the launch last month of a public appeal to fund the ‘Margo Mobile’, Jim launched the campaign vehicle at an event in Govan three weeks ago.

He said: “This vehicle will serve as a testimony to Margo’s political legacy, allowing campaigners to make the case for independence, in a way Margo would have relished and act as a platform which can maximise the impact of local Yes campaigns in their own areas.

“Community campaigning was Margo’s lifeblood and she was peerless at it. We aim to recapture the pace, excitement and involvement of a grassroots campaign.”

with the ‘Margo Mobile’ taking the arguments for Independence to the streets and doorsteps in exactly the way Margo would have done.”