Kirkmichael fiddler on top of the world

A Kirkmichael man is to play his fiddle tunes on the summits of some of Scotland’s highest peaks in a bid to raise money for charities.

Richard Lyon was treated for prostate cancer at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow and decided that he should give something back.

During one of his radiotherapy sessions he came up with the idea of combining his two great interests - climbing and fiddle playing - to raise some money for Friends of the Beatson and Prostate Cancer UK.

The plan was to climb 150 mountains in Scotland in one continuous trek, and to play a fiddle tune on top of each summit.

The project has moved on a bit since then.

Richard said: “When my grandson Cameron was born in Australia in 2012 I promised to write him a tune. This was duly done and then he got a second one. Then my dear wife got one, someone else got one and it sort of took off from there.

“There are now a few hundred tunes in the book. My wife had the bright idea of naming tunes after the hills I would be climbing during the trek, so this is what’s happened to 150 of them.

“The trek begins near Oban on 26th April, where a friend’s yacht will whisk me off to the Isle of Mull where Ben More is the first summit.

“Then the yacht takes me to Ardnamurchan after which it’s all on foot/cycle. The walk follows a circuitous route via Knoydart, Skye, Affric, Torridon, Fisherfield, Easter Ross and Cape Wrath to end up on Ben Klibreck in Sutherland.

“Included in the route is the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Isle of Skye, where I will play my fiddle on its summit. This should be quite spectacular and I hope to have it televised.

“A support vehicle will make sure my bike is in the right place at the right time and it will also carry two spare fiddles and other essentials.

“The fiddle I normally use belonged to my grandfather so I don’t want to cart that one around the hills to get damaged. A beat-up fiddle was spotted at St.George’s Market in Belfast, going for £35 including case and bow.”

Donate to Richard’s trek on Munros

Richard added: “Please give generously to this project as it will have taken over a year to plan and organise, and it will take two months to complete. It will also cost about £7500 between B&Bs, food, equipment and fuel for the backup vehicle.”