Kirkmichael goes international

THE VILLAGE of Kirkmichael made an appearance in an unusually exotic online location this month with it got a mention on popular Indian blog Churumuri.

In a travel post by journalist and biographer Sunaad Raghuram, the surroundings of an exclusive former colonial watering hole in Nuwara Eliya, central Sri Lanka, are compared to Carrick’s own Kirkmichael for quietude, remoteness, and “the feeling of being gently cut off from the hubbub of the world at large”.

Mr Raghuram said: “I drew a parallel between Kirkmichael and Nuwara Eliya because of the sheer tranquility and beauty that abounds around.

“I’m a person who loves the quietude, the remoteness and the distant aloofness of places like Kirkmichael, which I have only read about.

“It’s a pity I haven’t been to your part of the world myself, although I have been in England.”