Kirkmichael man selected to fight General Election for the Tories

Candidate Lee Lyons with Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.
Candidate Lee Lyons with Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

A Kirkmichael man has been selected by the Conservatives to fight the Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock constituency in next year’s General Election.

Lee Lyons, who lives in the village is a father to two foster children and lives with his partner Linda.

And he is promising to bring a positive message to the doorsteps after playing an active role in the recent independence campaign.

“I was selected by party members in August but at that time I was basically in a full time job working on the referendum campaign.

“I was out just about every Saturday somewhere in the constituency bringing our message to people for the best part of six months.

“Now I am looking forward to going back into the towns and villages in the constituency door knocking people as the Tory candidate delivering a pro-Union message and a message that the Conservatives will do what’s right for you.”

Lee faces a tough challenge as incumbent Labour MP Sandra Osborne has held the seat in its current format since 2005 and has been a MP since 1997 and enjoy strong local support.

He said: “I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ll be explaining why as a party of Government, we should remain the party of Government.

“I know that Sandra has a strong majority here and it won’t be easy but our previous candidate took close to 2,000 votes off her majority every time and obviously I will be looking to better that this time.”

Lee says that it is hard to pinpoint the major issues as the constituency is so vast in size.

“It is such a big and varied constituency that it is hard to say that the same issues are affecting everyone across the constituency.

“Someone’s problem in Ayr, might not be somebody’s problem in Girvan. Right now, I’m interested in lorries going over speed bumps in my village of Kirkmichael and the people of Turnberry are facing issues on windfarms.

“But going round the doors and finding out people’s core beliefs and passions and to try and guide them to solutions wherever they are living.”

One of Lee’s passions is vocational training in schools, something he would love to see more of.

“I want to see changes to the curriculum and the way we teach our kids in the school.

“If there are youngsters out there who want do mechanics, then they should be able to and that goes for kids right across the board, not just kids who are in foster care which I am equally passionate about.”

Lee hopes to build on a so-called silent majority who ensured a No vote in the independence referendum.

“I would hope that we would get more than one MP next year. The SNP currently have a lot of momentum and they will be hoping to build on that but we’ll be hoping to show that we are the party that will do the best for the UK.”