Kites are a new star attraction in Girvan this summer

There is a new attraction in Girvan this summer with kite flying displays taking place every Thursday down at Stair Park.

The man behind the displays is Andrew Beattie from Skelmorlie.

Andrew at Stair Park showing one of his creations.

Andrew at Stair Park showing one of his creations.

He started at the end of June just before the schools broke up and plans to be at Stair Park every Thursday from around 10am-4pm each week until September.

And despite there being a lack of wind when the Gazette paid a visit to speak to him recently, Andrew was more than happy to explain.

He said: “I started earlier this year and I travel around places bringing my kites to places like Girvan.

“I was told that Girvan was an ideal place to come but unfortunately we don’t seem to have had much wind so far!

“I sell kites and that’s what I rely on to make money as well as people leaving tips in my tip jar.”

Andrew says his kites are very easy for people to learn how to fly.

“You simply have one stick to put in and make sure it is tied in and then you can start running away with it. It really is that simple that anyone can do it, our kites are so easy and reliable.”

Andrew designs kites that are instantly attractive to them including superheroes and mostly animals.

“Spiderman is a possibility, Superman and disney princesses. I also have a large selection of animals available including mantaray’s, a mother tiger and her three cubs, and various fish.”

By doing his displays at Stair Park Andrew hopes not only to attract locals who are intrigued but also visitors and those driving up from Stranraer into the town.

“I needed a location with a large grass area that was close to a beach and near to the town centre as well.

“Stair Park seemed ideal as you can also attract people who are coming up from Stranraer and off the ferry.

“The kite displays are so visible when they reach maximum height up in the sky.

“And I am also linking in with the Girvan Youth Trust who are doing their activities down at the front on a Thursday as well.

Andrew first brought his plans to Girvan when he visited a meeting of the Town Team in March.

There he spoke at length about what he did and he quickly gained the support of Councillor Alec Oattes and Gus Collins from South Ayrshire Council as well as members of the Town Team.

“I’d like to say thanks to the Girvan Town Team including the Reverend Ian McLachlan, Councillor Alec Oattes, Gus Collins at South Ayrshire Council and the Z1 Youth Team.

“Without them this wouldn’t have happened and I have also had great co-operation from the police and air traffic control.”

Andrew has been all around England and to France as well to showcase his kite displays to large audiences and you can look at more of his work on or simply pop down to Stair Park any Thursday from now until September to see it up close.