Labour candidate challenges SNP on tax credits

Local Scottish Labour candidate Carol Mochan has issued a challenge to her SNP opponent to match her pledge to vote for the Scottish Parliament to restore any money lost to working families through Tory cuts to tax credits.

The letter Carol has sent to Jeane Freeman says, ‘The SNP should give up grievance and start governing.

‘The Scotland Bill means major new tax and welfare powers are heading to Holyrood - including the power to restore any money lost to working families through planned cuts to tax credits.

The letter continues, ‘Now that both the Scottish and UK Governments agree the new powers can be used for ax credits, we believe that technical discussions should begin on achieving this, in advance of the Scottish budget.

‘We need to make sure Scotland’s working families are protected. Kezia Dugdale has not only made that commitment but has also set out how Scottish Labour would pay for it.

‘This would be funded by making different choices on tax from the SNP and Tory Governments.

‘A Scottish Labour Government would not implement the SNP’s planned £250 million cut to Air Passenger Duty (APD) and would not implement the Tory Government’s planned increase in the threshold for those paying the higher rate of income tax.

‘These savings would mean the money lost through tax credit cuts could be restored. Tax rises will not be required to fund this Scottish Labour policy.

‘In the days following the announcement of our tax credit plan the SNP Government repeatedly refused to acknowledge the new powers that would make restoring money lost through tax credits possible.

‘Around 6,000 families in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley face cuts in tax credits. If you lived here as I do, you would know someone in your family, street, circle of friends, or local community facing losing £1,300 on average. We must do everything we can to stop these Tory cuts going through. Will you join me in making the same pledge?’ Carol was out in Maybole last week with supporters getting over the message that Scottish Labour would restore in full any Tory cuts to tax credits.