Labour motion rejected

John McDowall has accused the Tories of ignoring his motion for South Ayrshire Council to put up cash to provide financial assistance for families to maintain relatives’ cemetary memorials.

The Labour Group Leader, and Girvan and South Carrick Councillor, put forward his motion at last Thursday’s meeting of the full council at County Buildings for money to be made available to support families to maintain memorials in graveyards after six people were killed as a result of falling headstones.

Mr McDowall told the Gazette that an ammendent to his motion was put forward by the Tories that was voted through the chamber.

He said: “The Tories put up an amendment which required officers to ‘consider options around Management Rules for maitenance of memorials.’

“This simply kicks the issue into the long grass and will do nothing to address the problem.”

Mr McDowall did argue that the overall risk was small, there was still enough of risk which had to be managed.

He added: “I asked for an assistance fund to be set up to provide help to those relatives who would have difficulty in meeting the whole cost of repair which can run to several hundred pounds.

“There are now a number of lairs where the stone has been made safe by the use of posts and binding wire and this is distressing for families.”