Labour MP launches campaign against bedroom tax

Sandra Osborne MP kicked off a local campaign against the Coalition Government’s welfare reform measures.

The Carrick MP today chaired a meeting on the subject of the Government’s welfare changes including the bedroom tax.

Representatives of the council, trade unions, local charities and advice groups including Ayr Housing Aid and North Ayr Resource Centre spoke at the meeting in Riverside Church, Ayr which was attended by local people and interested parties.

Sandra said: “I called the meeting today so that my constituents could learn more about the Government’s programme for welfare reform and for people to obtain advice from the agencies present.

“Many measures the Government are proposing are scandalous and will penalise thousands of my constituents. In Parliament, I, along with my Labour colleagues, have opposed these changes at every step of the way.

“I have been contacted by concerned constituents, many of whom have been in tears over how they will cope with the implications of, for example, the bedroom tax. They are already struggling to cope financially and will be penalised further by cuts to benefits.

“Local organisations including the local authority, housing providers and advice organisations have been doing what they can to gear up for the changes but the bottom line is that the most vulnerable people in our society will be financially penalised, not to mention the huge emotional strain it will put on people.’

“I will feed back the views of my constituents to the Government and intend to hold a further local meeting in the near future to progress the campaign to oppose these measures. In the meantime, I will continue to campaign against these measures in Parliament.”