Labour rally as Gordon brown visits Ayrshire

Gordon Brown and Sandra Osborne with the statue of Keir Hardie in Cumnock
Gordon Brown and Sandra Osborne with the statue of Keir Hardie in Cumnock

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was in Ayrshire to speak in support of Sandra Osborne, the Carrick Scottish Labour Candidate.

Mr Brown began by praising Sandra’s hard work for the constituency singling out the battle she is waging to get the East Ayrshire opencast sites restored.

He told the audience that each political party should be judged on whether they offer real change on issues such as health, poverty, housing and jobs.

Mr Brown said: “The SNP talk progressive politics but they haven’t supported any of Labour’s progressive policies. They refused to back Labour’s plan to put up the top rate of tax to 50%, then suddenly this week they have backed down and accepted Labour’s proposal.

“Far from the SNP giving backbone to a Labour Government it is the Labour Party shaming the SNP into supporting our policy.

“When people want to know how we can tackle poverty, injustice, low pay and the neglect of the NHS, the SNP talk incessantly about deals, coalitions and hung parliaments.

“Labour believes in a different approach which focuses on the social and economic change we can deliver.”

Mr Brown singled out Jim Murphy’s plan for a £175 million anti-poverty fund to tackle food bank poverty as a good example of Labour’s commitment to social justice.

After a Question Time session, Labour’s Scottish Parliamentary Candidate for 2016, Carol Mochan gave the vote of thanks.