Landlords furious at damage

The back garden at the Dipple Cottage property has been totally destroyed.
The back garden at the Dipple Cottage property has been totally destroyed.

A raging landlord is determined to get the better of the two tenants who have destroyed his property.

Colin Burns who is the landlord of Dipple Cottage near Girvan says that the damage caused by former tenants Janet Perrie and Fiona Hope could cost him close to £20,000 to repair.

He claims that the pair who claim benefits were infact running a ‘puppy farm’ and had up to 50 dogs on the property which were kept in cages and inside the garage and garden shed.

He said: “They’ve been running a nice business here in the property as you can fetch up to £600 for a pup.

“They owe me £3,750 in rent arrears and continually falsified bank documents using my identity yet they have been running this business whilst destroying my property.”

And he is disappointed that nobody has been willing to help him out.

He said: “I’ve contacted Sandra Osborne MP, the environmental health officers at the Council, the SSPCA plus the letting agent who manages the property but they don’t seem to want to help.

“And since I got back none of the neighbours have helped out either.”

Mr Burns said that his tenants have left him with nothing as when they deserted the property they stole numerous valuables as well as destroying others.

“They didn’t even leave me with a fork and they stole anything they felt they could sell on including everything from a plasma television, golf clubs, dartboards, to pots and pans.

“They’ve destroyed the washing machine by using it to wash the dog mats and dog urine is still all over the floors

“I’m having to rip whole floors out and totally redecorate the place.

“They smashed the front window as well and even broke the Sky dish when I cut their access to it last October.”

Inside the sheds the smell was just about unbearable and a once pristine back garden has been destroyed.

Colin says that it cost him £5,000 to come back over from Norway where he works.

“I had a flat in Norway where I’d just put a £3,500 deposit down on plus I had to bring back freight and pay for the cost of flights.

“It’s just been an absolute nightmare and I hope that it can all come to an end soon with the police catching up with the pair of them for what they’ve done.”

The Gazette first reported back in November the dispute that had escalted between Burns the neighbours and his tenants over various issues.

Perrie said then: “It’s a vitriolic hate campaign against us. If there is a problem you try to sort it out like adults-not the way we’ve been treated.

“The dogs are just used as an excuse.

“The real reason they don’t want us here is because they think we’re gay.”

The dispute between the tenants, Mr Burns and the other residents is set to receive a national audience when it is shown on a new Channel 5 programme entitled “The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door” in a couple of weeks time.