Later openings to ease visitor anger

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VISITORS to Girvan will be relieved to know that public toilets are to open later at night.

Following complaints from local businesses South Ayrshire Council carried out a recent review of public toilets and the current opening and closing times.

The council says it is prepared to increase the hours currently in place to accommodate, tourism numbers, local residents and businesses within Girvan. However it may be a few weeks before the opening hours are increased.

In a letter to South Ayrshire councillors local businessman and community councillor, Laurie Richmond, said that the harbour public toilets in Girvan are now opening at 8am and closing between 5.45pm and 7pm during the holiday season. “This is just plainly unacceptable anywhere that tourists are encouraged to visit,” said Mr Richmond.

“Coaches from all over Europe and tour operators carrying passengers from all over the World stop in Girvan, Northbound & Southbound to and from the new ferry terminals at Cairnryan.

“There are always events on, in Scotland and Ireland every weekend that people travel to. On top of this a very considerable amount of car passengers, who tend to stay even longer in the town.”

“Traditional visitors don’t tend to get out and about until after 7pm by which time the toilets are shut and this really gets people angry.

“The only thing visitors will remember is that the toilets in South Ayrshire shut at teatime and they will simply go elsewhere next time.

South Ayrshire Council replied to Mr Richmond that: “Prior to confirming the new hours, contractual and financial paperwork is required, along with employee consultation.

“At some stage next week, we should be in a stronger position to confirm the new hours and hopefully implement sometime mid May.”