Latest farmers market prices and reports


Tuesday, April 1

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 18 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, all classes sold dearer on the week.

10 Heifers averaged 221.9p/kg or £1189.59

7 Bullocks averaged 201.7p/kg

1 Bull averaged 200p/kg or £1090

Top price of the day was 251p/kg for a smart Limousin Heifer off Challochmun or £1468.35, Bullocks topped at 230p/kg for a British Blue off Langside or £1356 for a Limousin off Challochmun. Bulls to 200p/kg for a Limousin off South Hourat or £1090.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 251p & 233p Challochmun B/Blue: 219p Crookside Char: 210p Langside

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

B/Blue: 230p Langside Lim: 229p Silverigg 226p Challochmun Friesian: 159p Silverigg Ayrshire: 147p Silverigg

14 Dairy Cattle sold with all types harder to cash, however the sale topped at £2280 for an excellent Holstein Friesian Heifer off Messrs J Cousar, Grange of Cree, 121 calves and stirks sold with calves being sharper on the week and stirks selling to recent high rates.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

BBx: £515 Craigie Mains £390 Millafleck £375 Craigie Mains Simx: £490 Over Enoch £425 £405 Cronan £400 Nether Pratis £380 Bourtreebush Limx: £445 (x2) Meikle Laught & Gamesland £405 Newfield £390 Millafleck £365 Drumachloy £355 Meikle Laught AAx: £410 Meikle Laught

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers:

BBx: £460 Over Enoch £345 Bogwood £290 Bogwood Limx: £445 (x2) Gamesland £360 Kilhenzie £300 Laigh Tarbeg £280 Kilhenzie £235 (x2) Drumachloy Simx: £435 Graystale £350 Bourtreebush Charx: £400 Dunduff

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Bullocks:

Simx: £1020 £1010 £990 South Walton £820 Gleniron Farms £780 South Clutag Limx: £860 Haysmuir £760 Carsloe £690 Broadhead AAx: £860 Acholter £740 Broadhead BAx: £680 Droyston B&W: £740 Acholter BSHx: £615 Knockendale

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Heifers:

Simx: £760 Gleniron Farms AAx: £750 Acholter £610 Gleniron Farms Limx: £600 Hill (Cumnock) Charx: £590 Carsloe BBx: £560 Hill (Cumnock)

89 Breeding Cattle at the sale today, trade similar to March Sale.

2 Bulls averaged 2200gns

9 Heifers & Calves averaged £1598.88

2 Cows averaged £1350

6 In Calf Cows averaged £1050

5 In Calf Heifers averaged £1125

65 Bulling Heifers averaged £1053.69

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Sim: 2800gns Westcroft Lim: 1600gns Burnhouse

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers & Calves:

Lim & Bull: £2000 Ditton £1800 Fleminghill Lim & Hfr: £1800 & £1780 Fleminghill Blonde & Bull: £1380 Droystone Lim Cow & Bull: £1350 Common

Leading Prices (per head) In Calf Cows:

Hfd: £1220 Ballochneil Cott AA: £1200 Graystale Lim: £1200 Graystale

Leading Prices (per head) In Calf Heifers:

Lim: £1200 Monkland Short: £1200 Ardgate

Leading Prices (per head) Bulling Heifers:

Lim: £1480 Langside £1460 Stoneside £1200 Langside, Drongan House & High Park £1100 Creechan Park Sim: £1180 Low Ballees BB: £1080 Stoneside £1000 Langside AA; £880 Knowehead & Boghead

160 cattle sold in the Rough Ring, good well fleshed cattle still very easily cashed with lean goods if anything, cheaper. Cast Bulls peaked at £1380 for a Limousin from Messrs Smith, Kilmaurs Mains, Beef Cows sold to £1380 for a Charolais from J Gemmell, Dunduff, while Dairy Cows sold to £1110 for a Black & White from Messrs Mitchell, Grougar Mains. Clean cattle sold to 204.8p/kg for a Limousin Heifer from D Agnew, Little Airies.

10 Bulls to 152.5p/kg averaged 110.8p/kg

12 Clean Cattle to 204.8p/kg averaged 164.9p/kg

101 Dairy Cows to 138.6p/kg averaged 105.9p/kg

37 Beef Cows to 174.7p/kg averaged 125.8p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: £1380 Kilmaurs Mains Hfd: £1250 Ballochneil Cottage Friesian: £1160 Murroch

Leading Prices (per head) Clean Cattle Heifers:

Lim: £1270 Little Airies Friesian: £1250 College Farm

Leading Prices (per head) Steers:

B&W: £1150 £1100 Lochmark

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Char: £1380 Dunduff Lim: £1140 Westoun £1100 Langslie AAx: £930 Holmes B&W: £1100 Grougar Mains £1020 Low Ballees, Monklands, Bridgend & Grougar Mains £1010 Lindsayston Ayrshire: £960 Knowe


Thursday, April 3

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 705 Store Cattle at their sale in Ayr, a plainer show for quality on offer trade similar.

351 Bullocks averaged 226.9p/kg or £895.83

271 Heifers averaged 216.2p/kg or £815.26

83 Friesian Bullocks averaged 162.1p/kg or £739.94

Top price of the day was £1280 for a Charolais Bullock off Balnowlart or 289.8p/kg for a pen of Simmental Bullocks off Bellvue. Heifers peaked at £1195 for a Limousin off Knowe or 244.2p/kg for a pen of Charolais’s off Middleton, Friesian Bullocks to £945 for a pen off Stevenston or 184.6p/kg for a pen off Ardwell Mains.

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

Charolais: £1280 Balnowlart £1080 Gainhill £1070 Balsaggart £1000 Craigreanach £990 Moor Limousin: £1180 Little Airies £1170 Knockterra £1150 & £1140 Barleith £1130 Crasloe £1080 Knockshiffnock & Mid Fulton £1050 Balsaggart £1025 Langhill £1015 Knockterra £1005 Little Airies A/Angus: £1160 Cairnhouse £1145 Killochhead £1120 Clevance £1080 Coilsholm £1050 Slatehole £1020 Barleith £1000 Merrymouth, Cairnhuse & Low Ballees B/Blue: £1160 Mid Fulton £1040 Balsaggart £990 Auchinbay Sim: £1130 Low Ballees £1050 Adamcroft £1020 Birchburn £1010 Burnton (Och) £1000 Figgitoch Friesian: £945 & £895 Stevenston £885 Coilsholm £840 High Parks £800 £800 Slatehole

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Sim: 289.8p Bellvue Lim: 282p Little Airies Charolais: 271.9p Middleton A/Angus: 251.0p Middleton B/Blue: 250.7p Whatriggs Friesian: 184.6p Ardwell Mains

Leading Prices (per head):

Lim: £1195 Knowe £1120 Craigbrae £1080 Langhill£1050 Knockterra & Mid Fulton £1000 Slatehole & Knockshiffnock B/Blue: £1140 Mid Fulton £1130 & £1040 Knockshiffnock Char: £1060, £1040 Balnowlart £1040 Hattrick £1000 Balnowlart £990 Balsaggart Sim: £1040 Barleith & Glenree £985 Littlemill A/Angus: £1000 Killochhead £925 Slatehole

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Char: 244.2p Middleton Lim: 243.6p Broadshean A/Angus: 234.7p Merrymouth Sim: 234p Braidland B/Blue: 231.8p Broadshean

A small show of Store Hoggets and Ewes with lambs at foot were on offer today, all classes met a solid demand and many more could have been sold to advantage. Top price for Ewes with Lambs at foot was £149 for a pen of Mule Ewes (2 Crop) with single Lambs at foot from A Orr, High Garleffan. Top price for Hoggets was £76 for a pen of cracking Blackface Hoggets from A McIntyre, Cedar Cottage.

Leading Prices (per head):

Mule Ewes (2 Crop) with single lambs at foot: £149 High Garleffan

Mule Ewes (3 Crop) with twin lambs at foot: £132 Broadlie

Blackface Hoggets: £76 Cedar Cottage Texel Hoggets: £80 Mid Lowes Texel Cross Hoggets: £70 Mid Lowes Mule Hoggets: £67 Old Mill Continental Cross: £67 Old Mill Beltex Cross Hoggets: £66 Old Mill


Friday, April 2

640 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

519 Hoggets of a mixed quality were easily sold to average 203.2p/kg. Top price per head of £100.50 was paid for heavyweight Texels from J McKinley, Almont Farm, whilst lightweights sold to 236.8p/kg for a pen of 38kg Dutch Texels from Cruise, Newluce. The 246 Blackface hoggets averaged 199.2p/kg. Peaking at £92 from Gass, Kirkcowan and to 210p/kg from the same home. Cast Ewes peaked at £104 for Texels from Almont. Cast Tups peaked at £99 for Lleyns from North Drumoddie. Blackfaces peaked at £74.50 from Laggansarroch.

Hoggets (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £100.50 Almont Suffolk: £100 & £98 Almont £96 (x2) & £90 Gass, Kirkcowan Dutch Texel: £99, £98 & £90 Cruise, Newluce Charolais: £93 Boghouse Blackface: £92 Gass, Kirkcowan £90 Drumore, Low Glasnick & Boghouse: Cross: £90 (x2) Gass, Kirkcowan Cheviot: £85.50 Boreland

Hoggets (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 218.2 Boghouse 217.4