LETTER: Shale gas is the future

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Hands up all those good folk who realise that modern gas-fired power stations emit approximately half the carbon dioxide as coal-fired power stations, that nuclear power stations are extremely expensive, environmentally damaging on a significant scale and potentially very dangerous – and I won’t quote the Japanese nuclear disaster as that is just too easy.

Therefore, it begs the question as to why our governments are actively pursuing the double folly of both ineffective wind and nuclear technology – all at the consumers’ great expense – when the UK is literally sitting on one of the biggest shale gas fields in the world.

Indeed, in the United States, where there are something like 35,000 fracting sites, the price of shale gas has collapsed from $12 per thousand cubic feet in 2007 to around $3 today. Make no mistake, dear reader, gas is the foreseeable future energy source as globally the planet can provide us with about 250 years worth of gas supplies, possibly a lot more if energy conservation is pursued in a meaningful manner such as using, for example, LED technology for lighting (90% saving).

Shale gas will not only alter global economies due to market forces, but also the geo-political map of the world since we will not be dependent on countries such as Russia and those in the Middle East for our gas supplies in the future.

To be sure, it is not an understatement to say, a new gas age cometh!

Dave Haskell,

Golygfa Frenni Fawr,

Newchapel Road, 
Boncath, Pembs.