Lib Dems will help Carrick

scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Carrick, Andrew Chamberlain, has backed his party’s manifesto and believes it is “precisely the sort of fresh thinking” the area needs.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats launched the manifesto for this year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections last week.

And one of the main pledges is that they propose to invest £1.5 billion in order to create jobs and improve early years education - a package, they believe, as a whole should create at least 100,000 jobs for the Scottish economy.

It would be funded by making Scottish Water into a not-for-profit public benefit company and refinancing it’s debt.

The main programmes that the Scottish Liberal Democrats would fund include funding of £500 million administered via new Regional Development Banks to help businesses to expand and take on new staff. There would also be £250 million to introduce superfast broadband to every part of Scotland.

This by itself should create at least 20,000 jobs say the Lib Dems.

The party also proposes a £250 million fund for a new Science Nation fund for Scottish universities.

This would be used to allow Scottish universities, in association with business, to gain a global lead in research and development.

There would also be £250 million to massively accelerate Scotland’s home insulation programmes, thereby cutting both greenhouse gas emissions and household bills.

The Lib Dems also propose £250 million for a new Early Intervention Revolution fund.

This would be open to local authorities, voluntary organisations and health authorities to bid to fund a step change in early years provision across Scotland.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat candidate for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, Andrew Chamberlain said: “This is precisely the sort of fresh thinking that Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley needs.

“When it comes to creating jobs, it’s the Liberal Democrats who are coming up with the money to bring meaningful change to this area.

“If elected as this area’s MSP I look forward to fighting alongside my Scottish Liberal Democrat colleagues to secure investment in this constituency.

“When it comes to tackling the social problems that come with poverty, it’s the efforts that are made in the early years of an individual’s life that are most crucial.

“In the medium to long term, our Early Intervention Revolution will help thousands of local people to make something of their lives rather than languishing in unemployment or even turning to crime.”

Andrew Chamberlain will join the other candidates at the Carrick Gazette hustings in the Cathlic Hall, Girvan on April 27.