Lifeboat aids MOD launch

Tuesday of last week may not have been an auspicious day for some, being the 13th of the month, but it was fortunate for an MOD police launch en route from Faslane to Holyhead for a refit that the Girvan lifeboat was available to act as standby.

The police launch developed engine and electrical problems whilst off Ailsa Craig and the Girvan lifeboat was launched to act as standby whilst the police launch limped into Girvan harbour.

A team of experts was dispatched from Faslane and the police launch was quickly on its way to Holyhead.

A happy ending but remember that the Girvan lifeboat and crew are on standby every hour of every day of every week for any emergency and the crew train very hard to be constantly prepared for any situation they may be called upon to face.

It is also worthwhile remembering that the crew are volunteers and the RNLI does not receive Government support.