Local MP gives support to windfarm campaign

Carrick’s local MP has said she is fully supportive of the Save Straiton for Scotland group which is campaigning against proposed windfarms in the area,

Sandra Osborne MP said: “I had the good fortune to meet with the group locally on a beautiful day which only served to highlight the damage that could potentially be done to this stunning scenery should these windfarms go ahead.

“I am disgusted at the way local people have been confronted with multiple proposed schemes, many only finding out by chance.

“It is no wonder there has been a strong local reaction against them. Whilst windfarms have their place as part of a balanced energy policy we are already seeing an over accumulation of windfarms in other parts of Carrick.

“I am impressed that the group is approaching this in a reasonable manner despite their well justified fears on the impact to the countryside, rural dwellings and tourism which are vitally important in the Straiton area. I am fully supportive of their campaign.”